More Wisdom in Less Time. Optimize is the first social network and e-learning platform that focuses on self-improvement, providing content and tools to more than 10,000 paying users everyday.


The Challenge

After a few years focusing on content creation, Optimize needed to scale their design and development efforts to support their steadily growing user base. The company lacked a consistent visual brand. Meanwhile, the failure to implement an internal design system made the development of new tools, as well as the maintenance of their current apps, very time consuming.

First iteration of Oasis, Optimize's social network initiative

The Approach

Our first step was working with the Optimize team to learn about their background, goals, and risks. After understanding their core values, vision and the way they wanted to be perceived as a brand, we started working on a brand redesign that could better communicate this in a more transparent way. The new brand was flexible enough to be used in both their online tools and applications and their offline marketing efforts. 

We also introduced feature improvements, ramping up their iOS app and helping to create an Android app.


With a pattern library in place and an updated design and development process, the implementation and test of new features was drastically improved, saving time and energy to the team.

We develop a the other half of what Optimize is today, a social network that allows users to connect and discuss around particular subjects as well as provide quality and relevant content based on the user's interests and personal goals.



As the lead designer on this project, my responsibilities included crafting, validating, and prioritizing feature requests. I also sketched, wire-framed, prototyped, and designed the entire user interface across multiple product platforms.

"Working with Santiago was an absolute pleasure. He has an incredible knack for breaking down complex design problems into simple interfaces that are as beautiful as they are intuitive. He works well in a team, moves fast and gets things done, and above all is just a (really!) good human being who is a joy to work with. San is a rare gem and I’d work with him again in a heartbeat."
Evan Shoemaker — COO at Optimize Enterprises