Make Working Together a Habit. Pltfrm wants to change the way we work with one simple goal: to make working with freelancers an easy habit.


The Challenge

The way we work is changing. Freelancers make 40% of the US workforce and remote and fluid teams—where team members are selected based on the project needs—are becoming the norm.

Yet workflows and processes, which were built for fixed, in-office teams, haven’t caught up.  Pltfrm tries to solve this by becoming the hub for remote workers to keep in touch with contacts, update their work, and manage their day-to-day tasks.

Early brand exploration

The Approach

Remote workers are usually on the road, discovering new places and networking with new people. Being able to manage and maintain contacts is a requirement for the modern, mobile worker.  So first, we wanted to deliver a mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) exclusively for freelancers.

We didn’t want to build a new Skype or Whatsapp. Rather, we wanted to develop a platform that allowed people to present themselves and their work on their own terms. Our system allows custom user profiles where users can showcase their latest work,  input availability, and communicate with clients. 

We are currently working on taking Pltfrm to the web. And the CRM is only the beginning.  Pltfrm is working on a range of tools to help solve the biggest problems facing freelancers, from smoothing the on-boarding processes  to invoicing to day-to-day project management.



I worked closely with the stakeholders to create a product strategy and validate the product/market fit. In addition to developing the UX/UI of the app, I was in charge of the branding and art direction. Deliverables included user stories and roadmap definition, wireframes, UI design and prototypes.